Arthik Samata Mandal (ASM) is a non profit, non sectarian secular organization. “Arthik Samata” (Economic Equality) is the thirteenth item of the Gandhian Constructive Program, which Mahatma Gandhi considered as the key to non – violent action. Taking inspiration from the Father of the Nation, two close associates of Mahatma founded this organization. Gora was a social revolutionary, humanist and an ardent champion of non – violent social change. J.C. Kumarappa, Co-founder was an eminent Gandhian Economist and Ecologist who strove incessantly for the economy of permanence.




During 1977 cyclone and the tidal wave, which devastated Divi Taluk and the surrounding areas in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh, became the entire point of ASM’s activities. From a humble beginning, the organization grew over the years in response to the needs of the poor and the challenges of the natural calamities. Human Resource Development became its prime concern. The cyclones of 1979,1990, 1996 and the recurring floods in Godavari and Krishna rivers enlarged the scope of action and the area of operation, encompassing health, education, community development disaster preparedness and preservation and protection of environment.


Presently ASM is working in 100 tribal hamlets covering 100000 population of Suryapet and Chivemla mandals of Nalgonda district. The main stress is on the tribal children and through them comprehensive development of their families and community is undertaken.


ASM is also actively involved in the child centered community development and disaster preparedness in the six revenue mandals of east Krishna which is more vunerable to natural calamities like cyclones and floods. The most affected commuities are handloom weavers, fishing folk and other backward classes.