Majority of Arthik Samata Mandalís operational areas in Krishna District (Andhra Pradesh, India) are prone to Cyclone, Tsunamiís and Floods. Therefore, keeping in view of the provision of safe water and sanitation conditions, the organization, after Ecosan Toilet Vault openinghaving considerable thoughts and considering merits and demerits of present sanitation in flood prone area, with support from Terre des homes, Switzerland, took up construction of 100 ECOSAN toilets construction on pilot basis in REGULLANKA, one of the river bed villages of Krishna District.

Design of the toilet made in such a way that entire toilet unit is placed above the ground and measurements followed are 1 to 1.5 feet foundation, 2 feet high faeces deposit chambers and 6 inches squatting platform to accommodate toilet seats for twin chambers, DSC09858 above this 6 feet super structure with concrete roof.  In ECOSAN toilets human excreta, urine and wash water are separated through specially designed toilet seats unlike the conventional water closers where all these are collected  together.

Usage Pattern

ECOSAN toilet have 2 faeces collection chambers. Before putting into use, one chamber is to be sealed with lid and other one will be in operational till it gets filled with faeces. Similarly the filled chamber will be sealed once it is filled with faeces and kept for manure processing for a period of 6-12 months depending upon weather conditions.  While toilet is in use we need to carryout leveling of faeces deposits with application of lime and urea which will facilitate to raise the PH value and accelerate the manure process. With regard to urine and wash water, these two are separately diverted and never allowed to contact with faeces. For absorption of moisture content of faeces, every time after defecation 100 / 150 grams of dry ash is to be sprinkled.

Urine application demonstrationAdvantages of ECOSAN toilets are

         Environmentally friendly and prevents pollution caused by conventional sanitation system

         Reduced  smell (which is often mentioned as reason for non-use of latrines)

         No water is needed for flushing

         No additional treatment process / infrastructure is needed to treat the waste collected

         Human excreta and urine can be used as fertilizer reducing the expenditure on chemical fertilizer.

         Protection to flooding as raised above ground

Due to above advantages ECOSAN toilets are considered especially suitable for coastal and shallow water table areas, flood prone areas and water scarce areas, based on the above mentioned considerable advantage factors we have succeeded in operationalizing ECOSAN toilets in Regullanka village, Puligadda Panchayat, Avanigadda Mandal, Krishna District.  For easy reference enclosed herewith design and operational pictures of ECOSAN toilets.



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